Saturday, 31 March 2007

So I have started work and am currently employed in the services of the queen!

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We went to the airport yesterday to say goodbye to mum and dad – really sad of course not least because we had such a lovely time. As well as just really enjoying each others company we went on a series of adventures which were appropriately named by Kwajo as follows:
A Snappy adventure:
A stay at a hotel suspended above a lake of crocodiles. Maybe not first choice for those with small kids but actually very wonderful. Nayah chasing them shouting ‘odile’ and ‘snap snap’ was a sight to behold (especially with Uncle Patrick desperately running after).
A Swinging Adventure
A rope walk 40 metres up in the rainforest of Kakum – A truly wonderful adventure. We are going back at the first opportunity to stay overnight on their viewing platform and to walk among the trees and learn about some of the herbal medicines there.
Next we went to Kumasi named by Noonah and Grumpy as the shi*y adventure due to an attack by a contagious sickness bug. It was wonderful to be in the green of Kumasi but hard to see so much change in what was our home. We will be back soon though as we did not plan well and we still have things to take to friends and family there.
Finally after resting in Accra we went to the volta region for a fishy adventure. It’s the first time I have been on the Volta dam and it was most interesting to hear why we have so much light off. We stayed by the river which was beautiful and up in the hills which involved scorpions and straw mattresses but thank god lots of laughter to. We ended up in Germany which is on the edge of the lake. As it was market day boats come in from all over the Volta – truly a sight to behold. Sadly here I lost my first pair of glasses.

So now we are finally reaching some form of normality with work and school. Of course there are still daily adventures including floods. leaky baths and broken cars – my word its beginning to feel exactly like home! We now have a landline if anyone wants to give us a call. 0233 21332642. Of course we will keep updating and let you know how it all pans out.

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Anne said...

Fascinating reading, and you make it very real - can easily imagine (at least in part)the highs and lows you experience. Do hope the job goes well. Do keep on up-dating the blog - will be watching out for the updates. Anne W (log-forwarder!)