Saturday, 21 April 2007

18 April 2007 I Hoped

I hoped to come to Ghana and lose weight - but so far, despite being ill, all I’ve really lost is a breast size. If fat would only go where we wanted it to on our bodies perhaps none of us would mind being fat at all?

I hoped to come to Ghana and learn Twi – so far really I am still the same as I was before. I am proud of my confidence to use the language I only wish I had more language to use in the first place. So far apart from learning many ways to insult in traffic my most useful new phrase has been me nim, which means ‘I don’t know’. Not to be confused with me nim which means ‘I know’. There is a tonal difference - but I am really crap at it so I tend to say it whilst either shaking or nodding my head (and in context because it also sounds very similar to ‘my face’). The astute amongst you may point out that I could just nod or shake my head. But you would under estimate the joy it brings many twi speakers to hear a strange English lady using their language - and the joy it brings me. Here at work I am sometimes referred to as ‘the one that speaks Twi well’. It makes me feel proud. The reality is that I have only managed good morning and then got the response wrong by treating an older man like a child. It seems that so few make the effort that I am appreciated though and so I struggle on. My children move forward quicker although it is harder for Kwajo than Nayah – time will tell, but I hope we are laying a firm foundation for their future.

I am blessed at the foundation we laid their lives on. To move countries and change everything, not once, but twice, is hard for an individual but maybe even harder for a marriage. With Kwame it has only ever been an amazingly wonderful journey - even now when the car is broken and the house submerges when it rains…..

(June PLEASE remember my huge ability to exaggerate – the car will be fixed and big Ga Chief Nana is fixing the house drainage. So when you come there will be others problems but it won’t be these!!! Sorry to be lazy but can you let me have your flight details too…)

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