Friday, 15 June 2007

Hair Cut

I had my hair cut the other day - it now feels wonderful but at the time....

The lady that cut my hair works in the shop next to Patricks press - she is lovely. As she started to cut my hair she said 'real hair - my first time to cut real hair'. Of course much of the hair here on ladies is attachments - although not all. Even for those who keep 'real hair' it is nearly always straightened. It is a strange and disturbing world in which some white women go to tanning salons or paint themselves orange and - some black women bleach thier skin and avoid the sun.

The skin thing is clearly nuts but the hair concerns me as families like ours in the UK and adults who were the result of such unions have warned me about the hair issue. Bizzarely the world sees many problems for children such as ours - but in reality it would seem that for girls the only real issue is hair. I cannot understand why such beautiful hair - either platted, in a ponytail or left as an afro is considered so ugly. I hope that the awe for dreadlocks, that is natural within rastafari, and Nayahs knowledge of her own radient beauty will help us avoid this hurdle.

So my hair cut in Ghana involved my hair being washed virgorously and then combed up vertical. It was then cut to the same length from mid point in my scalp all over. Actually this has lead to me having the best haircut and hair style I have had in years. After the hair cut product and rollers were put on my head. This smelt and left a hot senstation on my head. The rollers scratched and it felt like my hair was being pulled from my head. At this point I was scared but too scared to talk either. I was blessed with light off - without which I would have been under the dryer before I had a chance to think. It turns out that my hair was being curled so that it could be straigtened. My point that my hair already felt a little bit too straight for me was not accepted. Eventually I begged and the rollers came out and the product was washed off.

What a strange world - Sister Ama cannot understand that I think my hair is too straight and I cannot understand why she puts nylon extentions on top of the beautiful short crop underneath that suits her face so well. Jah has blessed us all - how have we manged to turn it into a curse?

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