Monday, 22 January 2007


This weekend I found the tickets and realised it was time to pack. I began to panic that things were going too well - by Monday I have broken glasses and British Airways are threatening to strike on our flight date. No more panicking.

So we are excited but oddly nervous this time round. Medical staff here normally associate Africa very strongly with death (particularly west Africa) Kwame and I assume an air of sad amusement and point out that many people survive and that people die here too. However, this time round we don't seem to have been able to laugh it all off and Kwame has had to be very brave in front of the kids and have more injections than me.

We are taking anti-malarials - because of Kwajo and Nayah's ages and the length of stay we can only take one type. However this has not stopped the world and its wife having an opinion - especially about the kids.
I fear anti-malarials. I think they can make you complacent and everyone I know who has been seriously blood transfusion ill has been on them. However, after our first stint with Baby Kwajo at four months we have decided to take them again. Of course since the best way is to not get bittern we have spent a stupid amount on super dooper snazzy pop up nets and flashy gadgets that may or may not work. At night the kids will be cocooned in two self erecting tent like things whether inside or out. I bet they hate them - but I bet fear gets us sleeping in them.

It looks like with all this BA business we have plenty of practice time.

Still no job or house when we get there and now no flights.

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nicky said...

Hello the 'Bakoji-Hume's'

I have found your blog! Hooray... I hope you get there safely and I will look forward to hearing all your news.

Love Nicky x