Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Ok so we made it in the end!

The kids have been enjoying the beach and getting used to the fact that everyone tells you off here not just your parents!! They are coping very well with the changes, have really enjoyed the beach and are already picking up a little Twi.

We the adults are doing less well. We have a car (which cost so much I can't belive it - but the duty alone on this import was over 15million cedis...). However the car works and we can always sell it at the end. We do not yet have a job or a house but have been inspired to go into the estate agency business as it is so very mixed up here. We have seen palaces we cannot afford and places we reeally could not put the children - I fear we have seen little inbetween. However we are hopeful of moving in somewhere on Friday and time alone will tell.

Hopefully next time I can write of sitting under my mango tree eating succulent fruit and reading a book as the sand trickles between toes - sadly at the moment it is stress, polution, the harmatan and the city. However within this there is the joy, love and laughter of old friends and the precious little freedoms that Ghana always brings.

So we are happy but waiting to settle - we hope you are happy to.

Lotte, Kwame, Kwajo anjd Nayah (Akos and FoRRRRRReign. I can't wait to find out what our children will beomce)

Blessed love

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